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This site is devoted to providing helpful information for searching public records. Searchers can find detailed website and contact information for: vital records, court records, criminal records, and adoption records on the federal, state, and county level.
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Search State Public Records Resources
Alabama Attorney General's Office - Search official opinions by the Alabama Attorney General that are downloadable in PDF format.  These opinions are advisory and are not binding and are available to the public for viewing.

Alaska Business License Search - Search Alaska business licenses online by business name, owner last name, corporation name and license number.

Arizona State Legislature - Arizona revised statutes that are searchable by title and key phrase.  The statutes are update regularly after changes are made to the statutes.

Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands - Search current auction catalog, negotiated sales lists and delinquent properties.

California Department of Education - Search the DataQuest database to find facts about California districts and schools.  Search by level or subject.

Colorado Secretary of State - Search the Campaign Finance Online system and gain access to the Campaign Finance Online database.  You may also search filings and reports from election candidates.

Connecticut Department of Revenue Service - Search the tax research library, find filing season help, file or register online and download tax statistical reports.

County Courts Online Directory and Public Court Records

Delaware State UCC Authorized Searcher - Listing of Delaware Authorized Searchers that allow you to search UCC filings in the state of Delaware.

District of Columbia Motor Vehicles - Online Driver's License Renewal Information.  Use this online tool to renew your D.C. driver's license by your driver's license number or your name.

The Florida Bar - Inside the Bar "Find a Lawyer" search tool.  Search for active, inactive and retired members of the Florida Bar.

Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority - Search through Georgia Lien documents via the name search or the book page search. 

Hawaii State Judiciary - Jury Pool Information including a tool for you to determine when you are up for jury service and instructions regarding jury service.

Idaho Secretary of State - Trademark search tool allow you to search by wordmark or keywords as well as business name, last name, first name, filing number and trademark status.

Illinois Division of Professional Regulation - Search the License Lookup for information on professionals who have a profession license in the state of Illinois.

Indiana Business Services Division - Search the UCC database by debtor name, debtor organization and UCC filing number.  UCC records are displayed as TIFF image files and you must be able to view these files to view these records.

Iowa Board of Medical Examiners - Search for licensed healthcare professionals by name, license number, specialty, specialty and town or town.

Kansas Sex Offender Registry - Search the Kansas Sex Offender Registry through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation website.

Kentucky Driver History Record System - Allows you to request your Driving History Records for the state of Kentucky.  Allows you to obtain driver status, license expiration, driving restrictions and traffic violations.

Louisiana Secretary of State Commercial Division - Search the corporations database by business, individual, and specific document (charter number).

Maine Department of Administration and Financial Services - Download tax forms and information for filing individual taxes in the state of Maine.

Maryland General Assembly - Search amendments, bill text, chapters and fiscal notes for the General Assembly of Maryland dating back to 1998.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles - Information on how to renew your registration in the state of Massachusetts.

Michigan e-License - Michigan's online license application and renewal service.  Renewing your professional license is easier through this service from the state.  Also includes a health care license lookup and commercial services lookup.

Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board - Search candidates and databases containing information regarding funds disclosure for campaigns and elections.

Supreme Court of Mississippi - Search the general dockets and docket calendar for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Mississippi.

Missouri State Archives - Search the Research Room containing a plethora of information on the state of Missouri including judicial records, land records, county records, municipal records, legislative records and census schedules.

Montana State Featured Online Services - Numerous search tools allowing you to pay your taxes online, find convicted felons, purchase hunting and fishing licenses and more.

Nebraska State Government - Division of Communications and State Phone Directory for the the state of Nebraska.

Nevada Department of Education - Locate School Districts by county in the state of Nevada.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department - Hunting and fishing licenses purchases online through the state of New Hampshire.

New Jersey Division of Revenue - Search the UCC debtor index for free or request certified UCC records online through the Division of Revenue.

New Mexico Legislature - Search the Bill Finder by number, sponsor, locator reports, keywords, subject and capital outlay.

New York State Bar Association - Search for lawyers as well as obtain free legal research.

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles - Obtain copies of your driving record online through the NCDOT website.

North Dakota Supreme Courts - Search the court calendar, opinions, notices, rules and legal system glossary through the North Dakota Courts website.

Ohio General Assembly - Search bills by number, sponsor, resolutions, analyses, synopsis, and special session legislation.

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife - Online licensing center for hunting and fishing licenses in the state of Oklahoma.

Oregon Board of Medical Examiners - Search the Administrators in Medicine website for licensed healthcare professionals in the state of Oklahoma by profession and name.

Pennsylvania Department of State - Search for licensed professionals in the state of Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island Archives - Find information regarding the Rhode Island State Archives and their searchable collection of public records.

South Carolina DirectAccess Online - Search the state employee directory by last name, first name, category and telephone.

South Dakota Legislature - Search South Dakota Codified laws including statutes and the state constitution.

Tennessee Unemployment Benefits - File an unemployment claim for a business in the state of Tennessee.

Texas Licenses and Permits - Database of information regarding how to obtain and renew a license, permit or registration in the state of Texas.

Utah Online Driver's License and Address Information Change - Renew your driver's license and change address information online.

Vermont Criminal Information Center - Vermont Sex Offender Registry search made available through the Vermont Department of Public Safety.

Virginia Department of Taxation - Download business tax forms through various online services as well as make changes to your registration and use the employer withholding tax calculator.

Washington Department of Revenue - Find information for filing your taxes online, find sales tax rate and look up businesses.

West Virginia Licensing Information - Search for applications for obtaining professional licenses in the state of West Virginia.

Wisconsin Public School District Directory - Search the database and directory of public schools in the state of Wisconsin.

Wyoming Department of Transportation - Find information as to how you may obtain your Wyoming State Driving Records.



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