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There are several resources listed below that will aid you in obtaining Wisconsin public records.  Some public records may be available on the internet but others will have to be obtained through state and county agencies.  These records may include vital records, property records, divorce records, death records, court documents, small claims records and civil court lawsuits. 


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State of Wisconsin
Capital of Wisconsin: Madison

Largest City in Wisconsin: Milwaukee

States Adjacent to Wisconsin: Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois


Population: 5,363,675 (2000 American Community Survey - US Census)

Wisconsin is in the Great Lakes region of the US and touches the Michigan and Superior lakes.  It was the 30th state admitted to the Union.  It was originally inhabited by Native Americans and later by settlers from New York and New England and then by European immigrants. 

Wisconsin State Links
Wisconsin Governor - The Wisconsin's governor's homepage.

Wisconsin Historical Society - View information related to research, genealogy, exhibits, and library and archives.

Wisconsin Secretary of State - View information related to public records policy, municipal records, deeds and notary publics.

Wisconsin Vital Records - View information pertaining to obtaining Wisconsin vital records.

Wisconsin Historical Society - Library and archives, information services and access, genealogy classes and workshops, and services and fees.

Wisconsin Court System - View information regarding access to public records of the consolidated court automation programs.

Wisconsin Department of Corrections - Information related to adult institutions, juvenile corrections and victim services.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry - Search the sex offender registry.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue - View taxpayer information and e-file Wisconsin state taxes.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Income tax forms.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue - E-file taxes.

Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services - View information related to programs and services.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - Public school district and private school directories and websites.

Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Benefit Services - File new application for unemployment benefits, file weekly claim certification, reopen an existing claim, frequently asked questions, and obtain your tax form 1099-G.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - View information related to drivers and vehicles, safety and consumer protection, travel information, and plans and projects.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Driver's license renewal information.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Vehicle registration information.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - View information related to drivers and vehicles, including aging and impaired drivers, commercial drivers, fees, driver's records, renewal information, and forms, publications and handbooks.

Wisconsin License, Permit and Registration Services - Check status of a license or credential holder and view information related to applying for a license, permit, registration or certification in Wisconsin.


Search Wisconsin Public Records Information by type:
Wisconsin Vital Records
Information on where to write for vital records, including birth, death, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees.
  Wisconsin Criminal Records
Learn where to find criminal records. Browse records for access to every county.
Wisconsin Court Records
With court records you may find information on land ownership, taxes, adoption, naturalization, and more.
  Wisconsin Adoption Records
Find out where to write and who to contact when in search of adoption records.
Wisconsin Land Records - This link will take you to the Wisconsin Land Records section of a separate site, the Land Records Research Directory.

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 Other Resources:
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